So you've decided it's time to tell your story in one of the most powerful and interesting mediums - film.  I work with an experienced team of film professionals, in particular Natasha Dettman to help brands communicate their stories whether they are delivered via a tv commercial or through online branded content on Youtube or Vimeo etc.  The key is creating compelling and engaging narratives, executed to the highest standards possible, regardless of budget.

Working with clients we can help streamline the whole production process whilst maintaining the highest possible production standards. We have a flexible approach suited to today’s challenging demands and we understand that it is not always a high budget that will lead to a films success; sometimes a smaller budget and clever production can be just as successful.

Film provides your story with the imagery that brings it to life like no other medium and choosing the right people to create your film content is a very important process - today everyone can do film, but few do it well. Check out some of my films and see how you can bring peoples stories to life through creative digital productions. 



Concept / Narrative / Content development
5k, 4k, UHD & HD production with RED Dragon SW 5K digital cinematography camera & equipment
Full editing and post production capabilities for cinema, tv or web