ed Films

I am delighted to announce (big fanfare!) the formation of ed Films, a digital content creation and production partnerships between Natasha Dettman and myself. More news to follow shortly, but here are a few shots of us editing the showreel and shooting some test footage at the Jersey Sunset Concerts.  If you fancy taking a look a sample of our content have a look at this page: 


Is Branded Content the Future of Commercial Filmmaking?

An interesting article copied from Premium Beat about current trends for film and digital marketing:

Give your clients the results they need with this latest trend in video production.

Before making the switch to freelance, I worked in-house at a company for almost four years on their video marketing team. When working in-house at a corporation, you see all the different roles within a company and most importantly, you learn what everyone else expects of you. I say all of this because during my tenure there, the CEO repeated a phrase over and over again that I didn’t agree with: “Marketing works for sales, and its job is to make sales look good.”

This way of thinking may have been true in the ’90s, but markets are changing, and we as video producers must stay on top of those changes. Video marketing and commercial filmmaking no longer works for sales. Today, they work for the consumer, not the product.

Branded Content
Branded content is the new way companies are working with content creators to establish a brand with the customer’s experience in mind. So what is branded content? Morgan Spurlock recently created a perfect example. Ice cream manufacturer Häagen-Dazs hired Spurlock to create a documentary about artisans. That’s it. The only reference to the company in this short documentary was its logo. What Häagen-Dazs looked to accomplish with this approach is to entertain their consumers and associate artistry with the company. They weren’t selling anything. They were merely using this outlet to express their values.

Why Is This Working?
Authenticity is one of the biggest trends in marketing right now. Every company is looking for ways to promote their values to their consumers as authentically as possible. Branded content is a non-intrusive solution for this problem. MailChimp, for example, is another company relying on branded content to promote authenticity. They hired a director from Riffraff to create a series of stylistic short films that play off of their name, like “MailShrimp.”

You can read an in-depth article here about MailChimp’s creative direction for this spot.

What Can Video Producers Do?
This is an exciting time to be a filmmaker. As companies strive to become more authentic and communicate their values without heavy-handed sales pushes, branded content gives filmmakers and video producers the opportunity to work on creative projects without the restrictions of traditional marketing videography.

Read the original article here

A Strange Occupation Live

So at last we have realised online A Strange Occupation which I made with the amazingly talented Natasha Dettman.  It is available to view in 4K and HD on Vimeo here

I thought I'd share the posters we create for the film.  Hope you enjoy.

A Strange Occupation Clips

The short documentary about artist Jason Butler goes live in 4K and HD tomorrow so here a couple more clips to wet your appetites.

A few clips from A Strange Occupation

Thought I'd share a few carefully chosen clips from A Strange Occupation, the short documentary /profile film I made with Natasha Dettman about artist Jason Butler. The film itself will be available to view in early May in full 4k on Vimeo