So we're approaching the release of Tadhg's first single 'Learn to Live' on 14th April. Shooting the promo was an adventure in itself, it took 6 attempts to capture the 5 Mile Road and Swimming sequences! Let that be a lesson: don't try and shoot in the middle of winter during a series of Atlantic storms and expect anything other than grief! Too wet / too sunny - yes, we wanted a gloomy/dark look / too windy - Tadhg was nearly blown over and the Glidecam had a life of it's own swivelling around 180 degrees / too rough - up to 30ft waves crashing at St Ouens... oh yes and one instance of too hungover!  I'm not saying who...!

Anyway we got there in the end and judging by the reaction so far it was worth all the pain and cold! Roll on the next one and thank the gods of production spring is approaching. Visit www.tadhgdaly.com for all things Tadhg Daly. 

A few BTS shots from Learn To Live at St Ouens, including the fire-eater 'warming up'