An Interview Setup

Friend and collaborator of mine Stacey Yates is having an exhibition of the photos she took of the Jersey School for Girls just weeks before redevelopment work began on it.  She asked me if could shoot a short interview to be shown alongside her photos at CCASM Gallery.  It amazes people who are not in the industry the work that goes into photographing a 'natural' look.  Have look at some of the stills of the setup I used and a couple of screen grabs of Stacey and CCASM Director, Chris Clifford.

Production Starts on "Uba 10 Years"

We have started production on a 1 minute brand film for a local agency Uba to celebrate their 10th year in business and a forthcoming rebrand.  The project is going to take several months to complete with a release date of late July planned.

Immersion Day 2 - a lot warmer

Shooting our Branded Content Production "Immersion" was on a much more hospitable day thankfully.  This is a long term project which will take several months to shoot and edit, we are hoping to have it ready by May 2018.

Work starts on a Branded Content project

We've started work on a new Branded Content project called "Immersion". The first day of shooting was on the coldest day of the year so far, luckily we avoided frost bite but it was freezing and tricky to operate the equipment in.


I ws really delighted to be asked by my friend Stacey Yates, someone I have worked with on a number of projects, to be her Director of Photography on the CoOp Channel Islands latest TV commercials part of a campaign "The Value of Belonging".  We shot the ads over 5 days in both Jersey and Guernsey with a small but creative crew including Art Director Natasha Dettman who also did a sterling job as 1st AC!

Busy end to 2017

We had a really busy period in the last quarter of 2017, firstly taking possession of a brand new RED Dragon SW 5k camera and then using it on shoots in the UK for Neybar and in Jersey for art consultancy and gallery CCASM.